Visit to World Forestry Arboretum

Report on the visit to World Forestry Arboretum

An excursion was organized to World Forestry Arboretum on 12 October, 2021. All the students of M.Sc. I and III Sem accompanied by Dr. Shilpi Rijhwani. Arboretum offers natural ambiance to a great variety of wild and cultivated plants. Students collected various wild plants like Acacia nilotica, Withania somnifera, Cyanotis, Antigonum, Adansonia digitata, Prosopis spicigera etc. Some of the species native to Rajasthan like Acacia senegal and Prosopis having traditional importance were also seen. Students also took a real view of plantation on terrains. Clean lines and sharp edges combined with natural landscape is a sight to see. A major contemporary objective of visit to maintain extensive collections of plants, labeled with common and scientific names and regions of origin. The larger collections of living plants constitute a formidable resource for professional scholars, but more importantly, they provide a rich opportunity to learn more about plants and how to grow them.