A field trip to Nahargarh Wildlife Sanctuary

A field trip to The Nahargarh wildlife Sanctuary has been organized on 14th October 2022 along with 11 students (PG), trip was accompanied by two faculty members Dr. Shilpi Rijhwani & Dr. Reenu Agarwal and two resource persons Shri Naresh Sharma and Shiv Kumar from state forest department. The Nahargarh wildlife Sanctuary has about 220 types of birds, 450 varieties of flora and fauna besides the jungle cat, reptiles and panthers. The Aravalli Mountain Range is located nearby and surrounds the area with thick forest, which is home to varied flora and fauna. Forest vegetation is mainly dominated by the Anogeissus and Boswellia series, followed by Grewia tenax and Grewia flavescens. It is also the home of many economically important plant species like Acacia catechu, Prosopis cineraria, Tinospora cordifolia, Mitragyna parviflora, Ocimum canum etc.

It was a great experience for all students to learn and observe the different species of plants, birds and animals that shows the diversity of natural world and its resources. It consists of sandstone and quartzite rocks and the plants are naturally represents the stifling dry deciduous and humid bristle forests. The park is a plentiful resource of wild life, which consists of different species of reptiles, tigers, leopard, monkeys and deer. It also offers natural ambiance to a great variety of bird flock. During this field trip students really had the opportunity interact with what they are learning and see new things. Field trips allow students to interact with what they are learning. The experience goes beyond reading a concept in a textbook as students are able to participate in it physically.