Environment- Our ‘Soul’ for Living

An incredibly SOULFUL Guest Lecture was organized by the Botany Department, IIS University, on 30th September 2015, Wednesday. The lecture was headed by none other than Professor Amla Batra, Retd. Professor, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, prominent name in the field of botany, a renowned and headstrong personality and without a doubt, a highly important asset to our society. The lecture was based on the topic- ENVIRONMENT, that was described as our “soul” without which we are absolutely Powerless! Challenges that the planet is struggling through like- population explosion, uncontrolled large scale urbanization and industrialization, global warming that has, in the recent times, succeeded to represent itself as a major international issue, high levels of pollution etc.were also discussed. She acquainted the students with the numerous important uses of plants and trees, for example- oxygen- carbon dioxide balance in the ecosystem, medicines, paper, wood, fruits, pulses, ayurvedic ‘jadibootis’ etc.  and persuaded our young minds to ponder over the issue, believe and work hard in our own little ways to make the conservation process a grand success.