Addressing some Unorthodox Questions in Plant Science and Agriculture

Students of life science were privileged by the presence of Prof. Arvind Kumar Purohit (Former Director Extension Education, Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner) on 12th March 2016. He delivered an enriching lecture on ‘Addressing some Unorthodox Questions in Plant Science and Agriculture’. He condemned the thought of prioritizing one intellect over the other i.e they weren’t questions of comparison but of preferences.

He discussed certain questions with the students and his answers provided a core and much beautiful outlook towards the stream of plant science. He began with a very general yet introspective one – ‘Were we into the field of plant science by chance or by choice?’ His vivid efforts distinguished the field of plant physiology with that of chemistry and physics, that how the structural evolution and survival of plants make their study completely different. One of those questions even sought about the relevance of Sir J.C Bose’s contribution on ‘feelings in plants’, which was very well justified by Prof. Arvind from the review of a book named ‘Plant Behavior and Intelligence’ by Anthony Trewavas.  It talks about the intelligence that plant owns through which it is able to cope up with the stressful conditions it faces.