Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Palaeobotany

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BOT 202
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To study the structural, developmental and economic aspects of Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms.

Unit I: 

Pteridophytes I: General characters, classification, telome theory, stelar system, apogamy, apospory, origin of seed habit and heterospory, leptosporangiate and eusporangiate type of development

Unit II: 

Pteridophytes II: Important characters, classification, structure, economic importance and life history of:
Psilopsida: Psilotum
Lycopsida- Lycopodium
Sphenopsida: Equisetum
Pteropsida: Marsilea

Unit III: 

Gymnosperm I: General characters, classification, evolution of Gymnosperms, Distribution in India, Affinities of gymnosperms with Angiosperms and Pteridophytes, Economic importance.

Unit IV: 

Gymnosperm II: Important characters, classification, structure, economic importance and life history of:
Cycadopsida: Cycas
Coniferopsida: Pinus
Gnetopsida: Ephedra  

Unit V: 

Palaeobotany: Fossilization, geological time scale, fossil pteridophytes: Rhynia, Lepidodendron, fossil gymnosperms: Glossopteris, Williamsonia

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